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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Yeah, I don't mind all the cuddliness and stuff. That's why I wouldn't mind being in same beds. I don't think I'd particularly mind if they really wanted to go at it with me there either. If I really need to sleep, I will anyways. I sleep through anything. =P It'll probably be the death of me though. House is burning down and the most I do is throw my quilt off in my sleep, so I can cool down. =P
I can see it now,

"1 man dead in house fire. He was evidently passed out so hard when his lover and her OSO were making love in the bed next to him that he did not awaken to the cacophony around him. The lover and OSO claim that their own lovemaking was so wild that a candle got kicked over and the entire carpet was in flames before they themselves realized that there was a problem. They were unable to rouse him and unable to move him from the bed without dropping him on the burning carpet.
Emergency service personell were able to remove him through the window but he was pronounced dead from severe smoke inhalation at the scene of the fire.
The lover was taken to the hospital under sedation, hysterical over her evident loss and the OSO accompanied her suffering shock, smoke inhalation and 1st degree burns on his arms and legs.
Authorities are investigating the story of this apparent "poly-v" dynamic to ensure that this wasn't a murder. There is some question as to the validity of the story due to the unusual nature of the claimed relationship. However, thus far all details seem to check out in this bizarre "love triangle, death by fire situation."

I couldn't resist.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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