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My stress level is beyond these days. Getting up in the night to worry about work stuff in terms of organizing and our move, dealing with unhappy co-workers that have been glazed over in denial about moving and now are suddenly anxious, stressed and fucking crazy, doing a lot of physical work that is making me achy and tired beyond usual... not a good mix with sleepless nights. I've been snapping at my family, unable to participate in the Christmas merriment of their holiday time, haven't kept up with friends and family beyond our house... shall I go on?

My lovely J (ex wife) came over last night having come home from her schooling in the states. We all hung out and chatted, drank eggnog and rum...had some strange tea she brought back... we all sleepily snuggled on the couch laughing and catching up. Mono fell asleep on my shoulder. I was so content to just be... a small island of joy this week that I was so grateful for.
I was so pleased that they we're happy. J really can see that we are all okay and some. I was so glad that she was there to be part of that loving feeling.

The two guys are home this week and I have clocked out of house stuff/parenting (other than fun stuff)/christmas prep activities.... I just have to get them to greet me at the door with a "rusty nail," my slippers, offer of a comfy chair and the promise that they will take care of everything and everything would be complete.... *hint* *hint* one day left... Christmas eve.... here's hoping... we would be later for family dinner... but as long as they roll me into the car after my drink I would be fine with that.
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