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Originally Posted by Indigomontoya View Post
I was thinking during a quiet moment on the drive home that I was genuinely concerned for Mr. A's possibility of moving away for work because I know what it would do to TP....My issues still abound: women don't want to share, rejection is exponentially worse...etc. etc. and it does get me down, and wear me down the search but I imagine I would have it worse without TP, she's my soft place to fall when need be...and I appreciate that more now, I also appreciate Mr. A and that he relieves some of TPs burden when it comes to me.
Aw sweetie, you're no more a burden than Mr. A or I! We've all got our problems, but we're making a good team, the three of us, dissipating the sorrows and amplifying the joys.

It was really nice to have someone else to help with navigation. I felt so happy to see how well you worked together.

And yes, when he moves it will break me a little, but I've been broken before and mended and I plan on getting enough positive out of this now, to make up for the possible negatives later.
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