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Sleeping between both gents is definitely a fantasy of mine. Given the number of pets and the fact that we only have a double bed means that this one will have to wait, if it's to come to fruition.

Like you, LR, I have no interest in (sexually) having both men at once, as their lovemaking styles are different and I wouldn't be able to relax for fear of someone getting their feelings hurt, or what have you.

I would love to be part of a FMF though, whether it's just sex, or something more significant. I had a few encounters with a friend and her BF (both straight). When it worked, we focussed solely on him, and it was pretty awesome. Unfortuantely, it mostly didn't work.

Cuddle piles on the couch effing ROCK, especially if I'm sick or down. The loving energy is amazing.

Last night was, now that I think about, the first time the three of us held hands in public. We were at a concert. In our seats, I kind of giggled to myself, because I wondered what the people behind must think. When we were leaving the concert, I wasn't concerned about what people would think of us holding hands in terms of our relationship structure. I was actually more worried they'd be annoyed that we were walking three across in a relatively crowded area.
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