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Wow, where to start.

Things were pretty much going the way they have been going. I moved into my new place which is working well. It is very quiet which is nice. I've been trying to get more active in the local poly community which is also going well.

Right now the big thing that's happening started around the end of November. I was at home and had an extremely bad back spasm. I couldn't move an inch without severe pain for a number of hours. It was, to be honest, one of the most scary things I've had happen in a long time. I ended up trying to crawl into the bathroom using just my arms to get into the tub to hopefully help the pain.

I called my primary and she gave me a ride to the doctor and the doctor told me that a cyst that I have had on my back for a long time was pressing against the muscle and causing the back spasms. So two weeks ago today I went into surgery to get the cyst removed. I found out that if I didn't remove the cyst when I did it most likely would have caused me to get very sick in the future.

The wound from the surgery has been slower in healing than they expected due to drainage. I'm off to see the doctor again today and hopefully she will have good news about my healing.

On the dating front I have one or two small hits but nothing serious(one of the women looks like Sarah Palin which is interesting). Poly Living is coming in a few months and as long as they don't ridiculously overcharge for their day passes I plan to take myself and my primary, Deb with me. At this point I've more or less accepted that the chances of finding a secondary are pretty much nil and that's ok. Right now I'd be happy just to be able to work out again, much less date.

So there it is.
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