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Little buddy (LB) is an absolute joy. He is the one I want to hang out with when my life is hard and I need solace. I went and sat with him tonight as he did some craft project that I didn't understand. I cut something when he asked, held things that were gluing and he fed my soul and made me realize that when life sucks, its important to remember its as simple as doing a craft that is tough to do without adult help. He reminds me every day of the simple joy of life. Money can't buy that, extra time can't buy that, grown ups don't do that like a child does. To me LB is the spirit of life in our house.

Children are a little piece of heaven and a little piece of hell. Anyone who can parent well deserves a medal for having to deal with that huge continuum between the two.. It really is a life time achievement. It's taking life by the horns and living it. It's a right of passage for some that defines the stage of life they are in. To me it has become the glue of my entire childless family (my boy is it). Especially at this time of year!

I really don't think people need to parent kids. I just think that they should include them in their lives and do their best to be there for kids. It really does create a healthy balance.
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