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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Did your first love recently come out to someone with an opinion she highly invests in?

The whole coming home and going upstairs to cry added to the complete 180 and not being able to express what she would like to be different or how she came to these feelings yet being able to still lose herself in the moment at times.....

It just sounds like someone very close to her got in her ear with their own judgments over the triad relationship you were all having. Someone very influential to her.
This is what I think too. I can't see how a triad that has gone for a while and is "great" can break up easily unless there is some "influence" brought in from somewhere. It can happen suddenly, but it is usually very obvious. The other thing to consider is one year isn't really much time to wrap your head around every triad concept.

Of course who knows how the OP really sees the situation, whenever anyone has a problem it's rare they can see all the mistakes they have made to contribute to it. Triads are like normal relationships but on steroids, unless you're a master at relationships or have people that are very forgiving in them most won't last too long anyhow. Most mono relationships don't last long either. "Long" is subjective though, maybe 3 months is long to some.
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