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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I would love the opportunity to SLEEP curled up between the guys-but somehow that is even MORE difficult. It's easy enough to have sex without touching the third party or having them touch you.
But if you are cuddly-it's damn difficult to sleep without touching and that one is beyond comfort zones for my guys.
Yeah, I don't mind all the cuddliness and stuff. That's why I wouldn't mind being in same beds. I don't think I'd particularly mind if they really wanted to go at it with me there either. If I really need to sleep, I will anyways. I sleep through anything. =P It'll probably be the death of me though. House is burning down and the most I do is throw my quilt off in my sleep, so I can cool down. =P

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
You're funny.
I like easygoing and willing to joke around even in serious conversations type people.

I'm right with you also on the "I don't give a shit what people think, if I want to hold both hands in public I will" attitude.

I'd say "fuck 'em" but it just comes out a little wrong in light of the context.
I'm glad it was found somewhat amusing. I find it hard to tell when my humour will go down well. >.<

Haha. Certainly wouldn't want to "fuck 'em". But yes, I agree, they should just mind their own business and concentrate on making their own relationships work, rather than judging me on mine, were I in one. =] Even in all the mono relationships I've been in, there is always someone with a disgusted face when you show your affection in public.
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