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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I find it unfortunate that Maca does not enjoy seeing you and GG being so close. I find all the cuddling up on the sofa thing extremely satisfying. Is GG the same towards Maca in anything you and maca do together?

The sex thing doesn't seem all that uncommon really. What are the chances that you would find 2 men who would even want to be next to each other with their bits and pieces out? Never mind actually being able to cooperate when doing something like that. I think if it were females, it would be slightly easier for them to be there with each other, but I'm sure just as hard when deciding who should be doing what. I mean that is just my personal conclusion by the way people talk about it to me. I've never had experience with either situation.
GG doesn't have the same sense of "entitlement", so no, he doesn't have issues with seeing Maca and I together. He does however get very self-conscious doing ANYTHING with me in front of Maca.
As for the sex together thing-it's not too hard to "keep 'em separated". In a previous relationship MFM threesomes were a fairly common occurence for me. Both men were VERY VERY straight, they just took turns so to speak with any given body part that they were wanting to attend to.
As for with women, I've done FMF as well, with Maca even and it's not difficult for me to do that either, again, just a matter of knowing what you do or do not wish to do and allowing the other people to do the same.
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