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Most times, you shouldn't look for the 'right' things to say. As someone else mentioned, just being there, showing you are a support, whatever his course, speaks volumes more than voicing your opinion or sharing words that may be more emotion-driven than reasoning right now. I think your thoughts should be shared when they are distributed as 'food for thought' but not without permission (basically meaning you would start off by asking if Karma minds you sharing your thoughts about where he is right at that moment because 'that moment' is not always the best time). This is truly Karma's battle to deal with and conquer. Unfortunately, as a partner (placement is irrelevant in this instance), you have to watch and endure that entire process and just be 'there'. It's not that Cricket is 'doing' anything to Karma. It's all about his perception of the situation and how he is dealing with it emotionally and mentally. You cannot say or do anything to change that. That only comes with self reflection on his part. As a psychologist friend told me the other night, we have to learn to let people grieve, hurt, cope in their own way (which may not be conducive to our own methods/thoughts/actions) as long as it doesn't bring harm to themselves or others. I know the current process seems harmful but it really isn't because, ultimately, you both will grow through it. (hugs)
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