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We're in a slow progression.

GG is comfortable with me kissing, hugging, holding and some occassional touching of a more sexual nature in front of him with Maca. I think that he would not be comfortable with that if it were with someone else beyond hugging and a kiss on the cheek, which I do normally to all sorts of people.

Maca is still getting used to me being affectionate beyond a short hug. That doesn't mean I don't do anything in front of him, but it does mean that I try not to overwhelm him with too much, too often.

I always give GG a long hug goodnight, usually accompanied by a kiss, but generally it's not a french kiss. Sometimes Maca watches, sometimes he intentionally leaves the room first so as not to see.

More often these days I will put a hand on GG's arm, thigh, head while we sit around in the livingroom as a family. I almost always am sitting curled up "blended" (legs entertwined) on the couch if he's home.

When Maca isn't home I almost always am curled up in GG's lap or have him in mine. But I do'nt generally do either of those activities when Maca is here. Primarily because GG and I both know it bothers Maca and neither of us are comfortable dealing with the aftermath.

We have been together sexually on two occasions. Both men are straight and in both cases they focused their attention on me. The hard part of this is that Maca is very Dominant and GG is very submissive. However, GG does not wish to be submissive to Maca in the bedroom-even in terms of doing to/for me what Maca says. Maca naturally takes control, however, they have COMPLETELY different love-making styles and they are simply not conducive.
To be quite honest-whilst I fantasize about the two of them together with me, I haven't a desire to have it happen again anytime soon if ever, because it's too awkward for me.
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