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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I can understand why it would be hard for you not to be able to hold hands. It's hard for me to stop myself from doing what I would normally not think about twice! But I think your partner's comfort should come first. Of course, if they don't want any touching in public, chances are you were aware of that pretty early on, so if that's a deal-breaker it's easy to spot.
I think I'm probably like you, being unable to touch at all would be too hard for me. If I can't kiss my partner, at least I can hold his hand, caress it or squeeze in gently, or kiss it, etc, depending on what he's fine with or not. I need some level of physical contact.
Completely agree. Yeah, it's good that I can spot something like that early on, because I would hate to find that out long down the line where I'm already with them. It would be a stupid thing to break up over for sure...
But I need some sort of physical contact when I'm around them. Even as simple as holding hands. So as long as they were at least comfortable with that, I'd be ok too. Though I do enjoy being stopped and cuddled or kissed. I find it quite sweet. =]
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