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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
<snip> I guess what I mean is that it's good to check your partners' comfort level with them. If you tell me "whatever you'd be comfortable doing in public or in front of your parents" it basically only excludes sex. For other people, even holding hands would be too much. So being specific and not assuming they have the same views on what's appropriate or not would help.
I could actually never be with someone who wasn't comfortable enough to do that. That probably sounds so silly, but yeah. It's something I find important in an intimate relationship. I wouldn't do it with a friend, but a partner, it's just something I need. I mean, not like constant hand holding or anything. But it's just nice to be linked that way. Of course if my partner was trying to chat someone up, it wouldn't really be appropriate for me to be right there holding her either. It might put them off before they even get to know her. =P So there are certainly right and wrong times to do it.

But yes... I find that is something important. Kissing and cuddling in public I can understand when people don't feel comfortable with it. I didn't for a long time. Until I began telling myself "why should I care what the general public think of kissing and cuddling?"... But that's just me. If my partner wasn't comfortable with it, then I wouldn't.

Like I said earlier though, other partners aren't the same as the general public. I would make sure they were comfortable with me giving other partners affection around them. I wouldn't leave them out though. They would get the affection too. So it's not like they should feel jealous about it or anything.
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