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Default Hi

I am a bi female with a live in bf. We are looking for a bi woman to add to our "family" (3 cats are our children for now). We live in the DC area.

One question: As I look around the forums I am seeing mostly what I would consider "open" relationships. My thinking of a Poly relationship was it was no different than a monogamous couple except there were more people. What type of relationship is more prevelant here, the "open" kind or what we are looking for---I guess you would call it a traid? My question is because if I am looking for advice, those two types of relationships are so very different, will people really understand and be able to help?

I am not judging but for me, the thought of my BF being with another woman, unless I am there with them and fully involved, is upsetting. I would never want to be with anyone, female or male, without him sharing in it.

So is what we are looking for unusual? We think we could have an incredible relationship if we can find the right woman.

I'd really appreciate any feedback. I am a little more confused now than when I found this forum and started reading posts than I was before.

Again, I am not judging, I am just wondering if I am so weird that it will be hard to find people who have been through this or know what I am talking about.
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