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Default How can we....?


I am new here and was wondering if anyone can point me/us in the right direction. My BF and I want to find a woman to join our relationship. We are not looking to be with anyone outside of the relationship but lookig to build an exclusive triad.

We've tried a few poly sites but nothing has panned out. Since I am looking for a bi female, do we go to a lesbian bar (will they tolerate my BF being there?)? The perfect way would be to meet someone, become friends and then find out they are bi but that could take years.

We also tried craigslist (I know, dangerous but my BF is quite up on the scams and will always be with me to make sure we are safe) because we saw a lot of MW4W ads. Some even mention poly relationships so I guess we're making progress.

Anyway, we live in the DC area (Northern VA) and any ideas anyone can give us would be great.

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