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We're more than comfortable with ANY display of affection but it is situationally dependent. If it's only us in private, we want it all to flow completely naturally. Whatever feels right should be pursued. But keep in mind we're very experienced so it's probably easier. Trying to think back to early days, I suppose there was some minimal feeling of discomfort, but talking it over we realized it was nothing more than conditioning. One of the MANY ares of societal conditioning we had to reprogram.

Only one that I recall did we have to have a BIG discussion about public behavior/affection etc. It was at a singles dance we decided to attend to see who we might connect with. She, being the female, of course had plenty of potentials to dance/flirt with etc. One in particular she seemed to really click with - and vic versa. The dancing toward the end of the night graduated to dirty dancing (she had a pretty good buzz going by then) and it really got totally out of control. At one point I thought they were going to end up getting down right there on the dance floor !
I had to intervene and we had a discussion. She was pretty embarrassed as she didn't realize how out of control she was. But in analyzing the discomfort, I discovered that the discomfort wasn't about them, or even that we might get tossed out, as much as it was the potential message we were sending to other potential lovers. We realize how a majority of people think, label etc in regards to PDA, sexuality etc. As nice (hot?) as this other guy was, we agreed he wasn't THAT special to be casting off the other whole pool of potential loversby stepping too far outside what's considered 'acceptable' behavior/PDA etc.

Lesson learned.............

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