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There is a reason I call my blog Good Times....for the most part my life is pretty good. It has its glitches & up and down moments but it's still good.

Possibility seems to have inherited the ick from me so wasn't feeling up to par last night so he just went home from work instead of coming here for our normal movie night. I knew early enough in the day that he wasn't coming so was able to make plans with adored friend! That's something we don't get to do very often any more...pretty much since she moved out of town .

A little shopping and a whole lot of laughing thanx to I laughed until I cried & texted her to come save me before I laughed myself to death, lmao.

Breathes has been more physically affectionate lately. I haven't gotten to the bottom of the reason yet & I'm not complaining!....he's cuddling instead of rubbing and massaging my feet/back/neck/shoulders! He's actually right there beside me instead of on the other end of the couch! I love it but am, at the same time, baffled by his change in behavior. Could it have something to do with ALL his living family being together for Christmas?

This is the first Christmas his sister and family will be here for Christmas. The first time his nieces and nephew have gotten to spend the holiday with their Mom's family! They won't be here for long, probably Saturday to Wednesday, but they will be here! Nephew is 11 so it's not a short time since sis was here for Christmas.

He may be closer physically but he seems to be pulling away mentally and emotionally. Maybe that's the reason for the physical closeness?

Possibility celebrates Yule but is bummed. He wasn't able to go to the Yule celebration last Saturday . It was too early in the day and he had to work way past the time they would have had to leave in order to get there in time.

Possibility seemed to be having a hard time yesterday. He officially started his diet last Wednesday & yesterday was the first time he's asked for coffee! Coffee isn't on his banned list but cream is, lol, & he can't drink coffee without it. For clarification I'm his Mistress & am trying to guide him through this so he can get to a more healthy weight and be happier with himself and who/what he is.
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