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Originally Posted by AJbear77 View Post
I feel schizo lately with this. I think overall I am getting better, though. I can imagine you must have difficulties as well. While you very much love and respect those in your life, I can imagine it is still a tough position with your ideals and such. Your love seems strong enough to transcend those ideals, but I still imagine it is tough. So much growth, so much growth. Good for you
I became extremely torn when I fell in love with Redpepper. We fought for what we have now which required months of intense sharing, communication and heated arguments. We almost lost each other too which was horrible.

Today I have no issues with our relationship or the people in it....none. This seems completely normal and comfortable to me. This was only possible because we both clearly identified what we needed to be healthy and true to ourselves. We trust each other and want a future together involving all our chosen family.

I think we are rare in some ways. We certainly are lucky considering our different natures and backgrounds. Our love is total. Without that, I wouldn't be here at all and we would be friends but not intimate friends.

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