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Smile Accents

Speaking of accents, yes, many Americans (including me) naturally find other accents from other countries / cultures very sexy, and England and Ireland are at the top of my list. I always said I'd move to Ireland just to pick up their accent. The US is so big that too many of us sound the same. We either sound normal/flat, country, New York, Chicago, or Minnesotan/Canadian ("don't ya know there fella"). Sorry if I offended anyone out there! I'm just playing around.

In the 90s, I was a HUGE fan of Absolutely Fabulous (Ab Fab!), despite not understanding Patsy all the time I also think the Hispanic accent is sexy where I live.

Have you ever heard a true Chicago accent? They terribly exaggerate it on TV/movies. We are like the New York accent, but less pronounced. I learned I had a Chicago accent when I traveled around the country after high school.

People I had met would instantly recognize where I was from... Chicago.

Then I'd say, "Whatcha ya talkin' about?!"
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