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I'm in a V; FMF. We are comfortable holding hands, sitting close to one another touching, and giving hugs and brief kisses in one another's presence. (No deep and intimate....french kissing.) On the other hand, our guy hugs and kisses most of his/our female friends "hi" and "good-bye", so it's not unique to our poly relationship to share affection and observe it with others. The other female in our V has 3 young adult children and one elementary age child. We show this level of affection in their presence. They are aware of our poly relationship and of their mother's strong commitment to polyamory...not monogamy.

We will walk hand in hand. Sometimes all 3 of us and sometimes just as a "couple". I had specifically asked about this one because I wasn't sure it was ok to do out in "public" places with them. His response "The people who know and love us don't care. And we don't care about the other peoples' opinions." I know this can vary according to where you live and whether or not you feel it's "safe" to be "out".

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