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Originally Posted by patman023 View Post
I've had many checks and so far nothing substantial :-( My next step is seeing a second doc at a different clinic in the new year.

I did start on anti-depressants just before the weight gain started, but i was also under high stress from financial issues at the time (mortgage broker messed up hardcore), and stress --> belly fat. 1+1=window...

@SvartSvensk: no ACAM here in Canada :-(

either way, it's an issue i def need to address (along with school, money, and the newer dynamics of everything)...
All this information is great to have. Thanks to both parties for chipping in with more to say. When both parties chime in (in a non-defensive way) that speaks volumes.

SvartSvensk, hit the nail on the head. I was going entirely off the OP`s words.
Thank you Svart for clarifying.

Some people get very co-dependent, even though the actual relationship has died, or they have grown apart. With more info, neither of you strike me to be that way.

Patrick- your symptoms and issues are a cause for concern. I think right now it`s imperative that you keep pushing different doctors to help you figure out what is going on. SOMETHING is causing all this......

Once you two have some kind of answer, or even a direction to focus on, you`ll be able to look at the rest, without so much pressure or feeling angry at yourself.

From your own words ( I guess I need to make that disclaimer now. ) I see you both feel a whole lot of pressure from various sources, on various topics. School, money, health, new relationships (even ones that are good and healthy).....can influence how we show 'love'.

What things have you tried, to take the pressure off yourselves, so you can connect with each other ?
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