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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
LOL - Somegeezer, the Canadians looooove the Aussie accent I am constantly being complimented and having people ask me to talk... a couple of times my fiance passed his phone around so his buddies could hear me and I could hear them in the background (and directly) going "oh wow, yeah like that is really sexy... "

LOL - it's just the difference in sounds - I looove the Canadian accent so it works quite well (god help us all when my teenage girls get here though :P)
Canadians love Australian accents? I did not know that. I suppose you understand what it is like with Americans loving English accents then. =P
Canadians and Australians have a great sense of humour similar to the English. =D I think Americans find it very hard to understand a lot of the time though.

An accent I really love is the Irish accent. They're only right next door, but they have great accents. I'm not the sort to get excited over an accent though. =P I just find the sound of them quite sweet. Especially in Irish Folk music. Beautiful sounds. =]
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