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"Make a fuss about the English" how? Are you referring to how our media acts like everything the royal family does is "news"?

I really don't understand that either. maybe I'm some kind of freak...

About the difference between college and university: In the US, "college" has historically referred to smaller institutions that focus their degree programs in one or two areas, while "university" has historically referred to larger institutions that encompass "colleges" within their milieu. For example, Massachusetts College of Art specializes in Studio Art, Fine Art, Art History and Education, etc. Harvard University has degree programs in all of those things, but it also has almost every other field of study imaginable, as well as graduate and professional schools, research, and of course Continuing Ed. Although recently, there has been a campaign to have ALL institutions that offer 4-year degrees referred to as "Universities" because "college" has come to signify the 2-year "Associate's" degree. Maybe it IS because of the international culture of education.
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