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19 is awfully young to have finished college. At what age do your contemporaries TYPICALLY "start" and "finish" college and high school? And how many years does it take to get a "college degree"? Here in the US, people can "start college" at any age, but the common-denominator is usually that they must complete a high school diploma OR equivalency test, known as a "GED". So, the typical high-school student would enter college at age 17 or 18, and a two-year college degree is called an "Associate's Degree" and a four-year college degree is called a "Bachelor's" or a "Baccalaureate". Then we go on to "graduate" school, which are the Master's, Ph. D.'s, Doctorate's, MD's, JD's, and so on.

Also, I thought that in the UK, "High school" is called "secondary" school, and "college" is called "A-levels". Have Brits started adopting American terminology, or are you just using those terms for our benefit?

I'm not sure how many English/ UK residents are on this forum, but there are a lot of Canadians and a few Australians too.
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