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I figured I should probably give you guys a little more insight of who I am. I've had a few people telling me I don't talk about ME often enough and figured maybe this would be a good place to maybe be more out there with it.

Questions are much appreciated and I will try to answer them all as well as I can.

To begin with, I am 18. A lot of people already know this about me. Those of you who don't, yes, I am young. Please, don't treat me any differently, I am not a child. I am 19 on the 10th of January. Not long now. But my birthdays have never really meant anything other than adding a number to myself. They feel like any other day.

I am English. I live in England in a city called Leeds. Most people I talk to on here are American and seem to find that fascinating. It really isn't anything special. My life is as dull and boring as in any country. =P My English humour most likely goes over a lot of your heads though.

I am a musician. I don't make any money at it, but i wish I could. My main instrument is bass. I also play kit, guitar, piano/keyboard and steel pans quite well. There are too many instruments to begin listing that I would like to learn in the future.
My main style of music is Metal. Is the genre I enjoy listening to and playing most. I also enjoy listening to Rock, Trance, Ambient, Jazz, Punk, Funk and Industrial... as well as others I can't think of from the top of my head.
I have played in many bands, but at the moment only have 1, plus my solo work. If you'd like to check them out -

I have recently finished college. I studied a National Diploma in Popular Music. I came out with grades worse than I wanted. I have decided to find a job to fund new equipment to create a portfolio of videos and pictures so I can go back to college to study Film and Photography; something I did well in back in high school.

More in line with the subject of the site, I have always been in mono relationships. I have always, deep down, been poly, but only really learnt this about myself in November I think. Since then, I have been reading up a lot on it and learning exactly what it means to me. I think I'm at a stage where I understand who I am a lot more than I did. I've yet to be a part of a poly relationship, but this thread is where I will give all the juicy details as it were. =P

Again, all questions are welcomed. It makes it easier to talk about myself when I have a subject to concentrate on. The more precise your question, the easier I will be able to answer.
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