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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I rearrange furniture, not because it needs to be done to clean or seasonally. I just will just walk into the room and feel it asking me to change it..... this drives my bipolar, ADHD husband absolutely crazy and makes me laugh because he's the same way with his transformer's collection that's on display in his office.
I often do that too. With my bedroom at least. The living room annoys the crap out of me with its untidiness, but it isn't really my room to worry about. But I often move everything around in my bedroom just because I feel it needs to be moved. Maybe I'm bored of staring into the same place and seeing the same things everyday? I haven't moved things around in a while now though. I think because I have a lot of stuff up there at the moment. I need to get rid of a lot of things so I have space to move it all around again. =P
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