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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
I dunno, I'm the queen of over sharing. I have nothing to hide. I like getting as many opinions as I can. I like having conversations about situations with as many people as possible.

I have no doubt I say things that others dont want to hear, or didn't want shared. In some ways I feel guilty about that, but in others, it is who I am.

In the same regard, I am an inquisitive person. I like to know things. Not so much to be a gossip, but more to have a better understanding of people and why they do things. And it helps me connect with them.
This is me all over too. I call it honesty-diarrhoea! I like talking to people about things and hearing different people's opinions, and talking things through helps me figure out my feelings on subjects and how I am going to react to situations, I find that the process of discussion with friends is very important to me in working myself out.

Like redpepper said there is a major difference between gossip - which can be nasty (although not always) but is basically for entertainment purposes - and discussing things about your life with friends (or them discussing their lives with you) as a natural function of the relationship you have with the person you are talking to.

My ex-partner was also a privacy freak - to be honest it's probably a large part of why we are not together any more, I'm pretty sure if he'd been a more open person, we'd have been talking about things more openly that got kicked under the carpet until it was too late (we're both at fault, I didn't push him to open up either).

I'd go with OneUncagedBird's suggestions - to seek clarity and boundaries that are acceptable to both of you - ie ensuring that the communication between the two of you about the issue of communication isn't shut down and finding that compromise, if it's there.
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