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I'm learning that the men who are deeply interested in me eventually get freaked out that I am in a relationship with another man but interested in taking it to the next level with them. Each of these men, who I've known for many years, have allowed themselves to build strong connections with me. Then almost overnight, each of them backed off. It became too real for them, I think. I find this fascinating, yet it also made me feel sad and alone when I was eventually rejected simply because of my 'availability' status. I am too proud of a woman to continue to pursue true relationships with each of them simply because they were too bold when they broke off the emotional relationship side of it so soon. So, I remain friends with one and hope that the other (the one I'm truly crazy for) will eventually talk to me again. I just want to feel loved, and I know they do too. It's been a difficult, yet unique, learning experience with how complicated mono/polyamory works.
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