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Originally Posted by frogprincess21ca View Post
as to patrick's erectile problems he has gone to the doctor. he was tested for thyroid and he doesn't have the numbers to be diagnosed. in the last year he gained 100 pounds. they have run tests and he is healthy in all the emergency kind of things.
I would urge him to find a new doctor and try again. Most people take more than a year to put on 100lbs unless there is some underlying condition. All these things seem conected somehow. I have noticed that some men have a hard time revealing everything to their doctors (or they forget 1/2 of what they need to tell them). If he is willing, go with him.

It sounds like Patrick is OK with the way things are between the 3 of you. Find what things make him feel loved and do those. I imagine it took a lot of courage for him to accept his physical limitations and he probably feel just as guilty that things aren't the way they were. It will take work on your part to make sure you don't neglect one for the other.
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