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as to patrick's erectile problems he has gone to the doctor. he was tested for thyroid and he doesn't have the numbers to be diagnosed. in the last year he gained 100 pounds. they have run tests and he is healthy in all the emergency kind of things.

as to the intimacy no it doesn't stem from his weight gain. i never have liked kissing him. i however love cuddling and sleeping together.

@flamekat i want to thank you for pointing out that maybe a new definition of a relationship with Patrick might be needed. i agree.

i am just having problems wrapping my head around it. my past belief was that people you love and want to marry should have some physical connection. i say past because the fates are teaching me a new lesson. i just wish i could be better for him. to me i think he deserves so much more. but i love him and don't want to loose him. its a good thing that i don't mind him being with others. but i dont' think that this might be possible with his body being the way it is .
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