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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
@Sourgirl - I did not insert words into your response that aren't there.

perhaps your own definition of romantic love could be defined... the OP was talking about physical intimacy... you mentioned sex in your response to RP and then followed it by stating to the OP that if her definition of a partner was based in romance then she was doing her fiance no favours...

she stated categorically that she is very in love with her fiance just, without any physical attraction at all, that the physical intimacy 'feels wrong'...

to me, that simply means their relationship needs new definitions, not that he isnt a partner nor that she isn't partner material for him... it could be quite liberating if she can get over her sense of loss for intimacy and can find a new way for her to show that intimacy to him
This is a good point, but what I think SG was trying to infer is that if any intimacy between the OP and this man feels wrong, even KISSING, then maybe her feelings of love for this man are not romantic, but platonic. I have very deep feelings of love for many women in my life who I could not possibly stomach the idea of kissing - my mother would be the obvious example, but this extends to good friends as well.
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