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Originally Posted by pokey View Post
~the constant asking if one of the males is single and friends wanting the inside scoop about him and his availability
~ the children and having friends over and wanting them to sleepover and my fear of the other parents or the kids sensing something "odd"
~ the question on why would he live with us if he is just a "friend", wouldn't he want to have his own place, girlfriend etc..
~Me not being able to show my love publically
~ my family annoyed that I spend more time with him and he is not a blood relative, they always say it is like I have chosen a new family
oh geez, is that what we may have to look forward to???!!!

Mono doesn't live with us and we are not out to my family or my husbands. I think that would change things immensely so we wait to see if a moment ever arises that it would be right.

Basically my approach to everything has always to not allow drama in my life. I have become quite good at blocking out what is harmful to me and people who are wanting to cause me harm either on purpose or not. Sometimes I miss cues though and have been hurt, but I am pretty good at deflecting off negativity and turning it back on people so that it becomes there issue rather than mine.

I am very open in public about giving affection I figure it's everyone else's thing to be curious, offended, whatever. Just like my communication, I'm open and honest about who I am regardless.

I don't have a kid that has sleepovers yet.... hmmm... don't know how that would go. Tricky.

As for Mono and his baldy head? It's damned cute and other women think so too. He pays no attention to them and it is very clear that he loves me... his energy speaks volumes when we are together. No one has asked and everyone who knows him knows that he is with me. Again, because we are honest and open. I really have the attitude with everything in life that I am my own person and completely not influenced by other peoples judgment and negativity. I'm a bit of a leader and never a follower, never have been. That doesn't mean I don't listen or change my opinion, but if you knew me you would see that I am in my own world and you either love me or hate me.... your choice, nothing to do with me. I can't even imagine others having that much influence that it would make me feel like I should be concerned about myself or what I think/feel/do. hmmm... misery be damned, I make my own happiness.

My sons school has begun to notice that Mono is around, I think I may have to mention something at some point.... we'll see. Right now I think they think he is a relative.
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