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@ OP : Define what you believe a 'partner' is. Is it romantic ? Is it people you can hang out with ? If it`s based in romance, and romantic love,..then you aren`t doing your former fiance any favours by being with him.


Wanting or needing sex does not define romantic love - i can cuddle and make out with my fiance and not want to have sex at all... I just want that special intimacy...

People can have sex with no love whatsoever being in the equation - it seems odd that you would use sex in a definition of romantic love... romantic love, to me, can exist quite happily with no sexual encounter at all...

Perhaps it is simply that the OP's NRE is playing silly buggers with her at the moment and things will settle down once she does??
Either way if she feels her relationship with her fiance is romantic, then it quite likely is... having the physical aspect removed does not mean she does not love her fiance...

though I do red flag at the sick to the stomach bit...
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