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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I have had bouts with PN where we have not had sex for up to three months. I have a lot of sex with Mono, everyday and some sometimes... It makes no difference to the amount of love I have. I also have a non-sexual boyfriend that I consider to be close and a girlfriend that due to circumstances I don't have tons of intimacy with. There are others on here that don't have sex with partners often because they have LDR's. The sex part in poly is kind of secondary. I don't know if you should be worried about it so much... if he is happy and you are and everyone is then you're good no?


The inability to have physical sex is NOT secondary.
Not wanting sex is.
Big ol' difference.

@ OP : Define what you believe a 'partner' is. Is it romantic ? Is it people you can hang out with ? If it`s based in romance, and romantic love,..then you aren`t doing your former fiance any favours by being with him.

If it`s basis is on 'relationships in any form' and HE is also ok with that, then don`t feel guilty, carve your own path. Just make sure neither of you, are fooling yourselves.
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