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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
While I don't think she's their child substitute, I agree it might be the opposite. That is, they probably aren't "getting" her because they don't have children and want something to "replace that", but on the other hand didn't have children so they could save that money for things they actually wanted, such as a girlfriend. That much makes sense to me, and I know a lot of CF people who don't have children so they can travel more, or things like that.
having more disposable income is certainly a side effect of not having children, but the reason CF people typically don't have children is because we JUST DON'T WANT ANY. We're often pressed for "reasons" why and we give external answers such as "because of overpopulation" or "because it's too expensive", but when have you ever heard of people who really WANT children let those "reasons" stop them? Those are just platitudes we throw out to TRY to get folks to stop nagging us about it.

Ordinarily, I'd say "sorry about the thread hijack" but in this case it's not a "hijack".
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