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TL4everU2 :

Details of your screening process really doesn`t matter.

That is your business. The point is,`s it working out for ya ? Not worth shit. So it`s time for a new screening process.

I never said to lower your standards. I never even hinted at you lowering them. I meant CHANGE is needed.
YOU( united-you.) are the common denominator to all the crappy meets.

I have no idea if your wife`s boyfriend was actually in it for the sex or not. Could of been a jerk, just as you say. Though it raised a few questions, reading that. If he was in it for the sex, with a married woman, he would of kept her as a booty-call type,..don`t you think ?
Since he just took off, ...( but was really into her beforehand ? ), then that sounds like something about the situation came up and he bailed. Could be something as simple as fear. Who knows ?

Anyhow, only you two know that answer, not measely-me guessing on a message board. Something to think about though.
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