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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
Interesting thought. I began as mono. I was taught mono, believed mono, etc. We became swingers, but still carried the mono mindset (to us, sex does not equate with love). And ultimately, our poly relationship was a serendipitous result of swinging. So what I have as my foundation in this poly relationship is, essentially, my marriage. It is the solid ground on which I stand, when I reach out for new experience

I can understand your question. I guess if I were single when I began in the poly world, I might be asking it as well. We all have different journeys
What we experienced is something similar to you, Jade. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married 10. I'd always been bi-curious but afraid to explore it, but after we were married I got drunk at a party while my husband was on an alcohol run. He came back to find a friend sucking on my toes and encouraged me to keep exploring. We started swinging at first, though only with women (I'd never met a man who could truly satisfy me sexually until my husband so I didn't need another man), until about 2004 when a friend was going to Iraq and he, his fiance, the hubby, and I had a foursome that changed everything as he asked us to take care of his fiance while he was gone. The rest has been a bumpy road from swinging to LD poly to the relationship(s) we have now.
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