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I'm a mother of a 15yo and a 10yo. I've been married to one man, who doesn't belong to this forum at all, for 19 years. We became involved in a committed relationship with our closest friends, another married couple, earlier this year--I'm thinking March? They have two more children, 8yo and 4yo. My husband and I had heard of polyamory through friends of ours, but I felt it wasn't for me. However, things evolved with our other partners until I slowly realized I was in love with them, too. (It's hard for me to speak for my husband, but he says he's all for this polyamory thing, but only if I am.)

We tried to go too far too fast, so things were rough for a long time. I think they're smoothing out now. Right now our other male partner doesn't seem to be able to decide if he wants to be polyamorous, and he withdraws sometimes, so we seem at times more like a triangle with a leg than a quad. We've all been to various types of therapy, and my female partner and I have health problems that we're working on solving. Our children seem to be adjusting to the additional siblings--something that was hard for my children, as the eldest of the four. We live in seperate houses, and while we would like to live together, we're practical enough to accept that it would strain our relationship, at least until at least some of the kids are grown.
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