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Originally Posted by Erin View Post
These are valid fears many women encounter. Is a married poly woman who is dedicated to her mono husband considered as easy or a slut for having thoughts of dating/sleeping with other men and/or women? Is it wrong to flirt and be flirted with?

I have found that most single men don't agree with taking it to the next level with a married woman. Flirting is okay, but nothing more than that. Those are my observations.
My husband is a great guy, but he has trouble finding anyone who is willing to be in a relationship with a married man. It doesn't matter that they know he's in an open marriage, if not poly; he's married and therefore off the list.... and this is even after I've talked to some of them. And I know that it hurts him to start down the path of creating a relationship with someone only to be slapped down repeatedly while I get offers all the time and I'm not even looking. I'm so happy with him, my b/f, and his wife that I couldn't imagine adding another relationship to my list right now, but I realize that she doesn't meet his needs and he's not bisexual enough for the b/f to meet them either. She's extremely introverted and has issues with sex that she's working on, but until then I'm trying to meet the sexual needs for both of my guys and she's trying to make an effort to spend more time with all of us.
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