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Don't worry about the graphics here, we have seen the gammot

Are you sure that you aren't just a non-sexual partner to your man? That is totally valid if you are. Sex and love are not always mutually inclusive. It could be that you are just fine with poly but think that you are not okay with it because of your mono tendancies... just a thought.

I have had bouts with PN where we have not had sex for up to three months. I have a lot of sex with Mono, everyday and some sometimes... It makes no difference to the amount of love I have. I also have a non-sexual boyfriend that I consider to be close and a girlfriend that due to circumstances I don't have tons of intimacy with. There are others on here that don't have sex with partners often because they have LDR's. The sex part in poly is kind of secondary. I don't know if you should be worried about it so much... if he is happy and you are and everyone is then you're good no?

If the issue is that you want to have more and so does he yet you can't bring yourself to, then that is another thing. Is his illness anything to do with the lack of drive for him and you? Is there any way around doing things a traditional way? Could you get a bit of kink on and be satisfied? Perhaps kissing is off the table, but a back massage isn't, him penetrating is off the table but him fingering you isn't, him smacking your ass and inserting a dildo is okay, but not a blow job.... see where I'm going? There is lots to do, maybe a bit of creativity... if you still want to have sex with him that is...
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