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Originally Posted by clairegoad View Post
You don't have enough information yet.

What about the "poly part" is bothering her?
Obviously the conversations are delightful/interesting. Let her see your relationship... how it works, how it has worked in the past.
I agree. Jokutus, from my experience: don't give up hope, but at the same time don't press. Just keep up the friendship and good conversations about other stuff.... probably at some point she'll ask questions (curiosity gets the better of most people, plus it sounds like she is into you) and that's your opportunity to explain and learn what she's thinking. Eventually if she never does it, open the conversation once from your side, a short discussion on your poly and let her know you're still interested if she changes her mind but you won't raise it again.

Worst case scenario? You've built a good friendship that doesn't lead to a relationship.
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