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So more discussion with Leo. He seems to be really concerned that he doesn't understand how I could have sex with people I love only. It's not like I can help it. I just am that way. I have sex, I feel love. I feel love, I have sex... why is that so hard to understand I wonder? He asked me if I would have sex with someone I just met and don't know if there was a notion to. What is that suppose to mean; his asking that? I asked him why... now I wait. The answer, btw, was no, due to my circumstances, but I met Mono that way, so it's not beyond my realm of conception I guess.

I wonder what all this matters anyway, this talking about it thing... There seems to be some reason, yet I don't know what it is. I don't judge him. I don't want him to be like me, I don't want him to know anything other than it could be a course of struggle in the future if he and the wife take up swinging again in a sexual way, rather than a going to the events way.

I found a really cool article on polyswingers though. They seem to fit the bill entirely. I sent it to him... and await a response. This is the link

In other news, Derby is in Alberta with family. I am sure she is having a great time and I look forward to hearing about what thoughts and discussions came out of her drive. I also look forward to new years... apparently Leo and wife are invited... I will be shocked if they come. Derby and I get to kiss this year it's a bit of an anniversary as our smooching last year is how we ended up being together.

Mono and PN painted PN's room all day today as LB was away all weekend. It looks great and PN is glad to have it done. I missed hanging out with Mono today though. Not one moment of private time. I went to see Narnia with PN tonight and that topped of a great weekend. I think most of it spent in bed I am such a bed person... Nothing feels better than spending a day in bed. That doesn't happen ofter.

Onwards to a busy week of packing at work, and prep for Christmas. We got all the presents wrapped, all the food bought, all the extras done... now we wait and prep food. I am really looking forward to it all this year with my wonderful family.
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