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Default coming out of a rut....

my husband and i of 16 years had fallen into an emotional rut and didn't know how to get out. watching a new tv series "sister wives" sparked an interest in us and we discussed the possibilities. Everything seems to have many pros and not that many cons that cannot be over come. My husband was discussing our situation with a female friend and she too was interested in the lifestyle, as she also, has relationship issues currently and is looking for "a more fulfilling" life. Since he has been speaking to her, and developing a relationship he has become more aware of his self and how "stuck" we were. I am happy he is finding a new love in her, but am dealing with my "sharing" issues as i have never done this before and we have been together for a long while. but after meeting with her, i really like her and don't mind sharing (with the possibility of she and i being together as well, eventually). I think i am just more jealous that i am not falling in love too as they are. Dont get me wrong, the relationship between my husband and i is getting better, we communicate more, he is not as demanding as he once was, and seems to be genuinely happy. My question is this.....we all agree that a poly relationship is what we all are in need of, the emotional support, the friendship, the love all the bells and whistles. To make a fuller, richer life for us and our families. However, once we do this, how do we introduce this to our extended family members and friends? We all come from very christian backgrounds and do not think that our new lifestyle will be widely accepted by them. we don't really care, but the point is to have and embrace our family. we want to have a commitment ceremony eventually and would like everyone to join us and to celebrate and be happy with can we do this tactfully and tastefully?
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