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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
This hits very close to home for me. My husband is big on Non-Verbal communication, my problem is that I don't read his non-verbal very well or my inter-galactic translator is malfunctioning
I just ran this by the b/f and asked why I didn't come equipped with one of these and he replied "You were, but you probably swallowed it. You swallow everything. :P" LOL. But seriously, I could use one of those to communicate with my husband too. I wish that he could get inside my head and understand me the way the b/f does.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I will let you know when I am done buildign the first teleporter. I figure it will happen around the same time
Let me know when you've perfected that.....we've been wanting a teleporter for at least a year now. Our other halves don't have access to reliable transportation and we only have one car, so it makes getting together for quality alone time difficult.

Good luck with the communication/ boundaries issue. I'm dealing with it a bit myself. My hubby is a voyeur and when I was younger I was more of an exhibitionist than I am now, so he always wants to know more details than I want to share about my sexual exploits with the boyfriend when he's not there.

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