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Originally Posted by Fayerweather View Post
I like this statement, mainly because my BF just told me that is how he feels about our relationship and I agree with him. He said I was the rock he could anchor himself to so that he could reach out for more adventurous experiences. I loved that. I could totally see being married and open/poly.
That anchor analogy is becoming a recent way of saying primary/secondary it seems. I have seen it on other sights before. It is a way of getting away from the nastiness of saying "you are my secondary" "you are my primary" instead the thought is that people are your anchor instead.

Interesting... I used to subscribe to this point of view. But no longer. I don't subscribe to a hierarchy but time, depth of relationship and the connection I have with my partners... secondaries and primary relationships seem to of gone by the wayside for me and I hadn't realized until recently that that transition had happened... I think its just part of becoming an old poly lady

I put a post on another thread about this if you are interested in reading.
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