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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Thanks for clarifying Ari. I don't know anything about clubs. The couple I talked to only go to house parties really. They have only been to special events at clubs such as a squirting demo. I have only been to house parties.
Ironically, I think the house party setup would feel...odd. Unless I was already sexually active with most of them. It would feel very pressurized due to the odd intimacy of it being a sexual house party. But I have never been to one and am not entirely sure, thats just my feel from the base description.

I wouldn't rule out trying it though, with the right people. In the end no still means no. I had to use it at the club I went to before and I am good at using it ...

ironically the club I went to doubles as a bdsm club on other nights. It looks fantastic for that, I would love to go back for that night specifically, the room(s) were dynamite and really set off the top/sadist in me. I could think of many devious things to do to Pengrah or Sourgirl in those rooms...
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