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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
That makes sense to me. If I knew there was as much respect for safety and boundaries in swinging as I am learning there is in BDSM, I might try swinging. As it appears to me now, in the sense I get from people I know, there is no appeal in swinging for me.
The biggest boundary exists in swinging possible. Its called saying no. Can't get much stronger than that. There is no requirement for anything at the swinger club I have been too.

I also wouldn't judge swinging by the explanations that exist on poly sites, a lot of poly peoples views are skewed because of the strong distaste of casual sex.

I am not a swinger, I have been to a swingers club. It was relaxed and pretty cool. Just happened to be sex happening in some degree of privacy. For the record, not trying to push you torwards it, I am not even a swinger, but anything you learn about swinging especially from a poly board will generally be heavily biased. I frequent a swinger site (lurk only) where everyone is pretty cool and relaxed. There are an abundance of rules and boundaries, as much, if not more than bdsm. they have a lot of the same concerns that we as poly people do, they just happen to be capable of sex without love.

On a side note, bdsm related so I don't change the top, just bought an old school shower brush, can't wait to surprise pengrah with it

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