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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Do you get some kind of satisfaction from when his GF leaves that being the one to leave makes you feel bad? I kind of perceive that the feelings you describe don't happen when leaving is of your own choice but would happen when being the one asked to leave - It could indicate you perceive being the one asking someone to leave as a position of power and being the one asked to leave as a position of powerless.
The only satisfaction I get when she goes home is that I can now have my alone time with my BF. I would never put myself in the position to be asked to leave. That would be too much for me to handle.

This issue I think comes from childhood. I never wanted to go to bed while there were still grown ups awake talking because I never wanted to miss anything. When I've spent my day and a half or two days hanging and talking with my BF, then I can go off to work and spend the rest of my week as I normally would and his other GF comes back in while I'm gone (I live far away from both of them). It's leaving without spending the night, or leaving when the trip wasn't all about me and him having quality time that seems to be the issue. I need to also have something fun or productive to go home to (a household project, a dinner with friends etc) to ease the anxiety.
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