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I had a really interesting talk with a couple last night who have a very serious Master/slave relationship. She has been collared and has worked very hard for that priveldge. We talked about the "style" of BDSM and how it is not taken as seriously as she and her master regard it. We talked of the vulnerability it entails and how many people get involved on a casual level and don't grasp the intense letting go into sub space that she has experienced. We also talked about having patience as it is new to many and they need to figure out if it is for them or not.

They are also big in the lifestyle. They hadn't considered that in swinging there is also a level of vulnerability and that should also be respected. I know its not entirely common to think of this for swingers, but I wonder if I have planted a seed of thought in their heads about the whole thing. If one should be patient with kinksters learning and trying it out, shouldn't one be patient with swingers trying it out? Shouldn't there be a bit more caution and respect in the swingers community as there is in the kink community promotes?
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