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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I also see hair-pulling as a sex thing. But it's not a pain thing for me, it's a restraining/power thing for me.
But I can see the very thin line that would change that.
Fortunately Maca knows I don't care for pain-so he doesn't take it over that line.

I'll keep in mind not to ask you for any internet hairpulling!
Just internet hugs!
Hair pulling is a restraint thing for me as well. And even though I'm a masochist, I draw the line at having my hair pulled for more than just restraint; scalp pain just isn't pleasure for me. *shrugs* My boys know I'm weird and they love me anyway and have been amazingly patient with me while I figure out what I want/ need and what triggers panic attacks; all three of my sweeties know I was abused, but even I don't always understand what triggers a panic attack and my response isn't to cower, but to get aggressive.
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